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Cut the Crap!

If you have seen something about my Cut the Crap program, either online or in person, you may have some questions about it. Hopefully this will answer some of them!

The name "Cut the Crap" was actually something of an inside joke, a funny name I called it behind the scenes as I was designing this program for as my Capstone project for my master's degree. I had set out to create something bringing my skills as a chef to my nutrition knowledge to help people eat better.

Rather than focusing on a specific disease or condition, I realized that a broader problem affects most everyone. It is that "5pm, I just got off work and picked up the kids and I have no idea what to make for dinner and planning,shopping,cooking,cleaning sounds terrible, so let's get a pizza instead" thing. I found that a lot of people could relate. Meal planning sounds like this terrible pain in the neck and cooking is difficult, and what is "healthy eating" really, anyway? There's so much conflicting information! Maybe that sounds familiar?

So, I set out to help equip people with some simple skills, helpful tools and basic knowledge to make it easier to avoid picking up pizza. Unless you decide you want pizza ;-)

The result was a hands-on cooking class, 6 weekly sessions where we cooked a meal together as a group, played around with some fermentation, bone broth, and other basic gut healing kitchen skills, and cleared some of the confusion around what "eating healthy" actually means.

What makes more sense than naming it cut the crap? Well, because of where I taught the pilot version (at the Adult Learning Center through the Virginia Beach Public Schools), I couldn't actually call it that there, nor at my school for my Capstone, so "Cooking Skills for a Healthier You) it was. But... Cut the Crap stuck. And now, I figure the people who are offended by it or who that name doesn't vibe right, those aren't my people anyway and that's ok. But if that sounds like your kind of program, then maybe it is, and I would be happy to have you join us. You can totally go HERE, or click on the Cut The Crap tab above if so.

What other questions do you have?

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