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Description of Grad Study

My Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health program at Maryland University of Integrative Health has been perfect for me because they combine cutting edge research and scientific understanding with the respect for and perspective of traditional healing practices. This approach looks to traditional wisdom to understand that the body works together as a whole with all the parts affecting and affected by the others. Mind, body, environmental, social and microbial components all play a role in health. From this paradigm, you can look at modern research and innovation with a new perspective and greater understanding. 
Focusing on Community Nutrition Education was clearly the right path for me, as I want to bring the understanding of these concepts to everyone I can but in a way that is simple. This component of the program taught me different ways people learn and how they change their behaviors. It has equipped me with tools to reach different people in different ways and empower them to make the changes they want and need. Bringing it all together has allowed me to create in person and online courses that have condensed what I have learned and made it "bite sized" for people to start looking at their food and their health in a new way, and then to take the steps for themselves toward making those lifestyle changes that will give them access to their best health and best life!

Statement of Philosophy

Nutrition education should be exciting and engaging, fun and interactive, simple and actionable. 
I have been on this journey for over 10 years learning about health, nutrition, food and herbs. It is my passion, the thing that fires me up! I am excited by reading research, digging into different diets, studying, trying new recipes, experimenting with protocols, engaging in conversations, watching videos and just getting into it! But I realize that most people have other things that light them up and they are passionate about. My goal is to give them enough to change their health, create sustainable routines that work for them, and then free up all that time and energy for them to pursue what they are meant to do! If they start digging this as well, then there's always plenty more here, but most people don't want to do the research and the experimenting and the planning- they want the truth about food, and simple ways to "hack" their life and health. My job is to make that accessible for them.

Statement of Ethics

As a nutritionist, as a health educator and as a human being, my morals and ethics guide my decisions. 

Within my work, I strive to follow the principles of the Health Education Profession: 
Respect for Autonomy
Promotion of Social Justice
Active Promotion of Good
Avoidance of Harm

As an individual, my goal is to love people and treat them as I would like to be treated in all areas.

This translates into really all areas of life, and while I am sure not to always succeed, I believe that if we all worked toward
this aim, life would be better for all. 

Statement of Professional Intention and Goals

There are so many paths to take within this field, and so many connected fields.
The beautiful part is that I love them all and look forward to continuing to explore them and learn more. 
My goals involve teaching, speaking, and possibly a TV show to reach more people with the importance of food.
I want to share with everyone the ability to take charge of their health and the health of their families through what they eat, how they shop, using herbs and other natural remedies. My goal is for everyone to know that they truly are what they eat, and that instead of being a threat, that can be the most empowering thing they learn. 
Through individual and family coaching, online and in person small group programs and hopefully some broader reaching platforms, I aim to build community and connect others with fantastic ideas and resources. 

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