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These are a few of my favorite things!

Matcha mushroom drink from Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic absolutely fits that bill. If you have met me in person or seen my social media of any sort, you probably have already seen me sharing how much I love my mushroom coffee! It's a fantastic way for me to get in the good stuff like adaptogens and herbs and the magic of mushrooms, plus I tolerate that better than most other forms of coffee. And it tastes amazing!

They make a whole line of great stuff, including coffee, hot cacao, and elixirs which I often add to my bone broths for extra oomph. And now they're expanding even more into blends for smoothies and this beautiful matcha magic in the picture. Matcha isn't totally my jam, but my guy adores it and I know a lot of people love it. Plus it's great for you, especially boosted with mushrooms! AND- Seriously- look how cute that set is! I totally want one just for that mug and whisk and scoop. I may even be a convert.

Also- if you're one that enjoys a membership like I do, they just opened one where you get free 3 day shipping, 20% off your orders and your stuff just shows up for you so you don't have to run out! Because you know that sometimes you forget or put it off and then you lose track of it and end up not having things you love. Or maybe that is just me. So- yeah! I may do a few more of these posts sharing my favorite things, but I promise only the best stuff and plenty of other content as well starting soon. And if mushroom coffee or matcha or cacao or elixirs sound like something you want to check out, click on either of the pictures or here!

Four sigmatic link mushroom coffee and beverages #onshrooms

If you are one of the first few people to let me know you saw this- I even have a special gift for you!

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